Advertising in the Prop Wash


The OPA sends out a bi-monthly newsletter in Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, and Nov/Dec to all it's members, and FBO's around the state. Both members and non-members are allowed to advertise. OPA members receive a 10% discount off the annual rate.

Current Advertising Rates:

Type of Advertisment
Single Issue
Annual Rate (six issues)
OPA Member Rate
Business Card BC $50.00 $255.00 $229.50
Quarter Page QP $85.00 $425.00 $382.50
Third Page TP $125.00 $595.00 $535.50
Half Page HP $140.00 $695.00 $625.50
Full Page FP N/A $1,295.00 $1,165.50
Back Page Premium BP Add 30% to Annual Rate Only

Prop Wash Advertising Policy
  • Advertisements for inclusion in the Prop Wash will be accepted from both OPA members and non-OPA individuals.
  • All classes of current OPA memberships with the exception of Student and Honorary Annual are given a ten percent (10%) discount off the advertising rate.
  • Advertisements are subject to approval by the Prop Wash Editor. If the Editor feels the advertisement is inappropriate for the Prop Wash, the Executive Committee will make the final decision.
  • All artwork must be supplied by the advertiser to the Editor in a suitable format ready for publication. Any additional work requested by the advertiser to prepare for publication, is not included in the advertising rates.
  • The advertiser may make separate arrangements with the Editor to prepare their advertisement for publication. Any additional charges and payments are between them.
  • All fees will be paid prior to inclusion in the Prop Wash.
  • Prior to each issue of the Prop Wash, the Editor will be provided with a list of the current advertisers, the type of advertisement they have paid for, and how many issues are remaining that have been paid.
  • The Editor will not include any advertisement in the Prop Wash without payment unless authorized by the President or Treasurer.
  • After the last publication issue for which they have paid, the advertiser will be contacted and asked if they wish to change, renew, or modify their advertisement.
  • The advertisement rates will be reviewed at the last Board meeting of the year and approved for the upcoming year.

If you are interested in placing an add in a future issue, please contact the Prop Wash Editor. We thank you for your support.