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The 2022 Raymond Meyer Memorial Scholarship is LIVE as of March 1, 2022!!  Remember, the application window closes May 1, 2022.  Please review the Scholarship Criteria Page before proceeding.

The Raymond Meyer Memorial Scholarship (RMMS) is an annual scholarship for financial assistance for flying licenses and endorsements.

The Scholarship runs from March 1- May 1 (Open and close of the application time). Applications are reviewed and finalists are interviewed in May. The winner is usually announced the first week in June.

Please download the 3 PDF files below.  You will need to fill out the “Application" and then have 2 "Letters of Recommendation” filled out (one from one of your CFIIs and one from someone not related to you). Send the completed Application and Letters of Recommendation in an envelope to the OPA mailing address:
Oregon Pilots Association & Air Safety Education Foundation
2755 Commercial St. SE  #101-285
Salem, OR  97302
Attn: RMMS


Questions can be sent to:

Good Luck!!“

Scholarship Application Form

CFII Letter or Recommendation

Independent Letter of Recommendation

(Files will automatically download)

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