"Emergency Response"


The following is an excerpt from FAA Advisory Circular No. 00-7D (SARDA)


"AVIATION ORGANIZATIONS. State and local jurisdictions may gain additional valuable capabilities by pursuing agreements with aviation organizations, such as nonprofit charitable public benefit corporations or associations that have programs providing aviation resources and volunteers for medical transport and disaster relief. Members of such groups can be well organized, trained, and equipped, and can provide important resources to support [Oregon's Office of Emergency Management]. Capabilities include conducting surveillance and supply missions, establishing inter-airport communications, and transporting critical supplies and personnel in emergencies.


OPA By-law "h":  Qualified OPA Members are encouraged to offer support to appropriate government agencies and local communities in the event of a natural disaster declared by Oregon Office of Emergency Management.


Such preparation would include a variety of missions ranging from; a Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake and Tsunami to airlifting food for the Food Bank.


We have the aircraft that can make a significant contribution to society during a disaster.


To volunteer for disaster relief please contact:  NealWhite150@gmail.com

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