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It’s time to renew your OPA Membership.  


STILL only $25 per year.


What OPA accomplished in 2021!


OPA testified at the Oregon State Legislature hearings regarding several issues.


OPA testified in favor of the ODA Tall Structure fees.

ODA is now allowed to collect fees from construction companies to recover their cost for the review process. These reviews are mandated by legislative statute.


OPA testified in favor of eliminating the sunset for aviation fuel tax. This did NOT increase avgas fuel taxes. The existing tax generates approximately 4 million dollars per year. Less than two percent of the $4 million dollars is provided by general aviation. 3 of the 4 million dollars can be applied to 90/10 federal matching grants. Our 3 million dollars now becomes 30 million dollars in buying power to improve the infrastructure of the 97 public use airports in Oregon.


One bill that OPA opposed, would make it illegal to violated a NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) punishable by 364 days in jail and/or a $6,450 fine. Federal Preemption made this proposal to Oregon law totally redundant. There were other measures in the bill that were also covered by Federal Preemption.


What is OPA working on now ?


OPA is joining forces with Washington to oppose legislature that would prohibit the sale of 100LL avgas. The prohibition of 100LL has taken effect in some California counties.


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mail a $25 check to:  OPA, 581 Lancaster Dr SE #95, Salem OR 97317


Thank you.

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