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2023 Oregon Legislature Session


Signed by the Governor


SB 482   Provides that course work in aviation maintenance occurring at airports in a neighboring state may be included in clock hours of instruction for purposes of Community College Support Fund.


SB 810  Reconciles and modifies penalties for certain offenses involving unmanned aircraft systems.


SB 812  Allows local government to prohibit takeoff and landing of unmanned aircraft systems in parks owned by local government.


SB 5004   Governor’s budget: $48.6 M for ODAV

In committee upon adjournment


SB 809   Requires Oregon Department of Aviation to study unmanned aircraft systems.


HB 2139   Directs Oregon Department of Aviation to prepare report with specific recommendations for expediting return of commercial air service within City of Salem.


HB 2269   Authorizes Oregon Department of Aviation to establish by rule fees related to airports and aircraft.


HB 2520   Prohibits person from recklessly, knowingly or intentionally using unmanned aircraft system to interfere with wildfire suppression, law enforcement or emergency response effort. 


HB 2524   Fuel Tax Increase on Turbine Engine Aircraft


HB 2668   Establishes Aurora State Airport Advisory Council for purpose of developing intergovernmental planning agreement among its [9] members.

Requires land use decisions to be compatible with agreement.

HB 2936   Repeal statute limiting firearms [conceal carry] in Capitol building, [commercial] airport terminals and certain school grounds.


HB 2688   Modifies provisions establishing civil action for property owner or    occupier if person or public body flies unmanned aircraft system over property without permission.


HB 3202   Outdoor lighting shields. [amended for aviation lights]

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