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It’s time to renew your OPA Membership.  


STILL only $25 per year.

The following bills are scheduled for committee hears during the 2023 Oregon Legislature


HB 2139  Directs ODAV to prepare report for return of commercial air service to City of Salem. [KSLE is City of Salem]


HB 2269  Moves fixed fees for aircraft and airport applications from state statute to rules under ODAV


HB 2524  Fuel Tax Increase on Turbine Engine Aircraft from 3 cents to 10 cents/gallon. Requires approval by a three-fifths majority.


HB 2668  Establishes Aurora State Airport Advisory Council for purpose of developing intergovernmental planning agreement among its members.

9 agencies must unanimously agree to operational changes at Aurora.

City of Wilsonville, City of Aurora, Marion County, Clackamas County

ODAV, ODA, DEQ, DOT & ODLCD (Land Conservation & Develop)


SB 482  Provides that course work in aviation maintenance occurring at airports in a neighboring state may be included in clock hours of instruction for purposes of Community College Support Fund. This bill applies only to The Dalles Municipal Airport located in Washington.


SB 5004  ODAV budget $52.2M  / Governor budget $48.6 M


HB 2520,   HB 2688,   SB 809,   SB 810,   SB 812  all deal with UAS.


HB 2936   Repeal statute limiting firearms [conceal carry] in Capitol building, [commercial] airport terminals and certain school grounds.

You can renew at:




mail a $25 check to:  OPA, 581 Lancaster Dr SE #95, Salem OR 97317


Thank you.

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