Welcome to the Oregon Pilots Association

We are the Oregon Pilots Association. Our goal is to promote aviation in the State of Oregon and to provide information to pilots and anyone interested in general aviation. We encourage all pilots and aviation enthusiasts to join our organization, whether you currently fly, own your own aircraft, or just like to talk aviation! Browse our site, check out some of our links, but most of all - join one of chapters in your area for one of our monthy meetings. If you don't wish to join a chapter, we encourage you to join as a "Member At Large", where you still gain all the benefits OPA has to offer.

Mary Rosenblum

Mary Rosenblum - OPA President

President's Update - July 2014

Hello and welcome to our Oregon Pilots Association website.  I hope you're already a member and if you're not, I hope you join.  We need you!  We welcome all types of pilots and try to offer you a lot for your membership bucks!  As a member, you'll receive a Places to Fly email regularly, letting you know what flying events are coming up in the near future.  I got tired of finding out the day after, that I'd missed something cool!   And we have several active chapters you can  join.  They're a great way to socialize and a group fly-out for that hundred dollar hamburger or a museum trip or fly in is a lot more fun than a solo run. 

Our annual meeting offers a smorgasbord of WINGS credit seminars and a great keynote speaker.  This year, our NW Regional AOPA Representative, David Ulane, will be with us.    It'll take place in Eugene, at the Lane Community College Aviation Academy, on October 18. 

Explore Oregon with our passbook that will give you motivation to visit some state airports you might never have landed at.  You'll be entered in a drawing for some great prizes in September. 

Check out our Maintenance Wing.  Paul Ehrhardt works hard with his volunteers to keep our small and more remote state strips safe and clean.  The work parties can be a lot of fun and Paul also goes hunting for historic downed aircraft, filling in the gaps of missing information.   Join him on one of these forensic expeditions into the past. 

OPA has become increasingly active in aviation politics -- a necessity as our GA numbers dwindle and a lot of developers cast hungry eyes on airport land.  We've developed a strong presence in Salem and have stepped in to contest the siting of a power plant that will result in a dangerous high-velocity thermal plume beneath the downwind pattern of the Troutdale Airport.  We have testified at land use hearings where anti-aviation groups have tried to interfere with airport use and regularly stand up to Oregonaviationwatch.org, a fanatic anti-aviation group who has brought multiple legal actions against airports. We're making sure that the BLM includes airports in its long term land use plans, and we're working on a Recreational Use Statute to absolve landowners from liability if someone lands on their property.  We're also dealing with the federal managers for the new test ranges for drones, or Unmanned Aerial Systems as they're now called.  We have three in Oregon, did you know that?

If we value our freedom to fly we are going to have to stand up for it.
We want new pilots!   We offer a $1000 flight training scholarship every year and are in the process of coming up with a mentoring program to link new student pilots with an OPA member who can support, encourage, and introduce the new pilot to the aviation community.

That's a lot to do and we need you!  Even if you don't have a lot of  volunteer time -- we're all busy-- membership numbers matter to the bureaucrats and your membership counts.  Join us today and stay informed…about the fun things we can do as well as about the threats we're going to keep facing. 

It's our sky, let's keep it that way!  

Mary Rosenblum

President, OPA

Objectives and Mission of the Oregon Pilots Association

  • To promote and encourage safe flying habits among Oregon pilots;
  • To guard and protect the interests of general aviation in Oregon;
  • To promote aviation with the non-flying public;
  • To protect statewide interests of all private pilots;
  • To guard and promte public welfare and safety where general aviation is concerned;
  • To encourage the construction and improvement of air faciilites in Oregon;
  • To conduct and cooperate in courses of study for the benefit of Oregon pilots, and for general aviation.