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We encourage all pilots and aviation enthusiasts to join our organization, whether you currently fly, own your own aircraft, or just like to talk aviation!

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Mary Rosenblum

Mary Rosenblum - OPA President

President's Update - May, 2015

Hi, folks, Mary here.

Just an update from the president -- don't forget our Annual Meeting at Newport on June 20.  Click on the link to learn more about it, and do come!  It's going to be great, with a full day of fun stuff to do, food, and wings credit to boot!   Make it a coastal weekend! I'm going to!

I want to say how proud I am of our membership.  We've had some hot aviation issues in Salem this session and our members have stepped up to the plate,  to email comments to legislators and show up at hearings to speak up for General Aviation. Way to go, folks, we are letting legislators in Salem know that pilots care and pilots vote!  When a seriously punitive tax on leaded av gas was proposed, we packed the public hearing and made it clear to legislators that this was a solution looking for a problem, that it is not a health and safety risk anywhere, not according to any state or federal agency, and that it will go away as leaded aviation fuel is phased out.  We even put in a solid pitch for more mogas availability, all you mogas users!  And the bill is dead. Way to go, pilots!

We turned out in force to support a statute change to protect private strip owners from liability if we allow members of the public to land on our private strips.  No, you don't have to let everyone land there, but if you do give them permission and they crack up, you are not liable.  This bill sailed through the House and has a public hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 21.  I anticipate it will pass there, too.  Phil Olsen did a great job of answering the Trial Attorneys Association's lobbyist's objections.  That may open up some new backcountry landing sites for us and make strip owners like those of us on Dietz Airpark breathe a bit easier.

We have a fuel tax bill up right now that while, yes, we are going to have to live with yet another rise in fuel tax prices, it will also, for the first time since 1952, bring the tax on jet fuel up from 1 cent per gallon, the lowest jet fuel tax in the western US and 45th lowest in the US. Hey, it'll still be lower than everybody else's at the proposed 5 cents per gallon.  (WA is 32 cents, CA is higher yet).   The money is designated in the bill specifially to improving airport infrastructure and  helping small airports expand add needed infrastructure for business, such as precision approaches and hangar space.  Not one penny of the money goes anywhere but to aviation, all airports in the state, and it will give us a healthy General Aviation infrastructure twenty years down the road.  And hey, at a four cent per gallon increase in tax, your 40 gallon fill is going to cost you $1.60 more for heaven's sake.  That's not a bad price for a strong General Aviation in Oregon for your grandkids, is it?

I want you to know that pilots and General Aviation have been a presence in Salem this year and boy, do we need to keep it up!  Too many people want the land our airports are on, too many want to restrict our freedom to fly.  We need to keep a finger on the pulse of lawmaking in this state and make sure that we don't get blindsided.  Oregon Pilots Association is going to do just that.  I'll keep you posted!

Well, the weather is improving, I'm sending out regular Places to Fly with all the fun stuff that's going on listed, so if you're not getting it, drop me an email and I'll make sure you're on the list.

Fly safe and enjoy the flying weather now that it has arrived!    

Mary Rosenblum
President Oregon Pilots Association


Objectives and Mission of the Oregon Pilots Association

  • To promote and encourage safe flying habits among Oregon pilots;
  • To guard and protect the interests of general aviation in Oregon;
  • To promote aviation with the non-flying public;
  • To protect statewide interests of all private pilots;
  • To guard and promte public welfare and safety where general aviation is concerned;
  • To encourage the construction and improvement of air faciilites in Oregon;
  • To conduct and cooperate in courses of study for the benefit of Oregon pilots, and for general aviation.