Welcome to the Oregon Pilots Association

We are the Oregon Pilots Association. Our goal is to promote aviation in the State of Oregon and to provide information to pilots and anyone interested in general aviation.

We encourage all pilots and aviation enthusiasts to join our organization, whether you currently fly, own your own aircraft, or just like to talk aviation!

Browse our site, check out some of our links, but most of all - join one of chapters in your area for one of our monthy meetings. If you don't wish to join a chapter, we encourage you to join as a "Member At Large", where you still gain all the benefits OPA has to offer.

What OPA Membership does for you!

OPA representation in the Legislator:

General Aviation has had some hot issues in Salem this session, and OPA members have stepped up to the plate. A punitive tax on leaded av gas was proposed. We packed the public hearing and made it clear to legislators that this was a solution, looking for a problem; and the bill is dead. We even put in a solid pitch for more mogas availability at airports.

OPA turned out in force, to support a statute change to protect private airport owners from liability if they allow members of the public to land on their private strips.  No, you don't have to let everyone land there, but if you give them permission and they crack up, the land owner is not liable.  This bill was signed by the governor.

The legislator passed a fuel tax bill, and yes, we are going to have to live with a rise in fuel tax. It will however, for the first time since 1952, increase the tax on jet fuel. The money in the bill is specifically designated to improving airport infrastructure and helping small airports maintain their runways and facilities.  The increase in tax for 20 gallons of avgas, will cost you 80 cents; that's not a bad price for a strong General Aviation in Oregon.

The Oregon Pilots Association provides a voice that legislators listen to!

What else does OPA do for you?

  • A core value of the OPA Annual Meeting is aviation education.
  • OPA hosts the"National Aviation Safety Stand Down"
  • OPA Explore Oregon, is a self paced air rally (with great prizes & gift ertificates
  • OPA conducts a Flying Poker Run (with prize money). 
  • The PropWash (the OPA Aviation Newsletter). 
  • Local OPA monthly meetings.
  • Flight Scholarships.




Objectives and Mission of the Oregon Pilots Association

  • To promote and encourage safe flying habits among Oregon pilots;
  • To guard and protect the interests of general aviation in Oregon;
  • To promote aviation with the non-flying public;
  • To protect statewide interests of all private pilots;
  • To guard and promte public welfare and safety where general aviation is concerned;
  • To encourage the construction and improvement of air faciilites in Oregon;
  • To conduct and cooperate in courses of study for the benefit of Oregon pilots, and for general aviation.