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Air Safety & Education Foundation

The Oregon Pilots Association - Air Safety and Education Foundation (ASEF) was created by the Oregon Pilots Association in April of 1998 with generous donations from OPA members and a large contribution in the name of Ray Meyers from his family and many friends.

ASEF is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose charter is to promote general aviation and aviation safety in Oregon.

Mission Statement:

The Oregon Pilots Association Air Safety and Education Foundation will support charitable, educational and scientific programs to encourage aviation education and safety in the State of Oregon.

The Air Safety Education Foundation has awarded scholarship funds each year to one or more aspiring student pilots to pursue their aviation dreams.


Raymond Meyer Memorial Flight Fund Scholarship

The Raymond Meyer Flight Fund Scholarship is perpetual and has been created for two primary reasons. First, to remember Raymond Meyer as an Oregon aviator with a passion for flying and for sharing that passion with others. Second, to continue to promote aviation, just as Raymond did during his lifetime, by making the opportunity of learning to fly by providing financial assistance.

To learn more about Raymond Meyer, for details on eligibility criteria, and details on awards and funding click here.  To apply for the scholarship, click here.

Start a NEW Scholarship!

Memorialize a loved one, who like Raymond Meyer loved flying.  Or maybe they always wanted to fly but couldn’t. Or perhaps you’d like to pay it forward – You’ve enjoyed and benefited from aviation, and now you’d like to help someone with the passion you have that needs financial assistance.

Create your own scholarship - as a memorial or pay-it-forward.  Raymond’s family did just that, and we can do all the work to set one up and manage it to your specification.

Some ideas for you to consider:

You, or the one you’d like to memorialize..

  • Wanted to learn to fly, but couldn’t because of a medical limitation or disability, or

  • Worked as a flight instructor, professional or military pilot, mechanic or some other capacity, with a story that needs to be told,

  • Invented something valuable to aviation, or started and operated an aviation business with a story that needs to be told, or

  • You just want to give someone in financial need a chance to pursue their aviation dream.



Please mail your tax-deductible, charitable contributions to:

Oregon Pilots Association & Air Safety Education Foundation

Attn: RMMS
581 Lancaster Dr. SE #95
Salem, OR  97317

Contact us for more details.

Andrew Whitten 

ASEF President


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