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The Oregon Pilots Association is in partnership with ODART (Oregon Disaster Airlift Response Team) and Reach Out World Wide, by distributing N95 masks. The masks were provided by FEMA and are designated for first responders and fire fighters working on the wild forest fires in Oregon.


Twenty planes from California arrived in Eugene carrying  100,000 N95 masks for firefighters, first responders and people devastated by the wild fires. Lane Aviation Academy students (headed by Lucas Johnston) offloaded the disaster relief supplies for distribution.


In addition to the masks, the airlift brought in over 5,000 pounds of medication and supplies to help up to 750 people. This includes inhalers, poison oak treatment, masks and other medical supplies to help the vulnerable population and the firefighters battling the blaze. The value of this airlift exceeded $150,000.















The Oregon Pilots Association was in Eugene to receive and facilitate distribution from the CalDART aircraft.

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