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"Flying Activities"


The Oregon Pilots Association assists with organizing, and assisting in the operations of various airshows around Oregon.

Explore Oregon


Explore Oregon is a six month, self paced "air rally". Pilots acquire raffle tickets by flying to a variety of airports around Oregon. The raffle drawing determines the winners, with gift certificates to Aircraft Spruce as the main prizes.

OPA Poker Run


The OPA Routinely conducts a Poker Run. Each pilot or passenger may buy a poker hand (or multiple hands). Half of the money raised goes to the Oregon Pilots Association, and half the money goes to the winning poker hand.

Precision Aerial Drop Competition

The Oregon Pilots Association conducts Precision Aerial Drop Competitions. The purpose is for pilots to gain proficiency in making an aerial drop of tubes that contain medicine for people on the ground that are geographically isolated due to natural disasters such as wildfires, flooding, or earthquake.

Several local OPA Chapter around the state hold Fly-outs. This provides pilots with an opportunity to fly (as a group) to different locals and activities.


There are often Fly-ins to breakfasts and Bar-B-Qs around Oregon.


Every Friday -- Donuts at Lenhardts (7S9).  Lots of planes fly in on sunny Fridays. Remember it's under UAO's airspace, so if you're not talking to the tower, approach from the east and stay below 1200 ft.

Every Sunday -- Breakfast at Lebanon (S30) Fly down and take the FBO car in to the American Legion post for a great breakfast for 6$.  You'll find other pilots there, it's a popular place to eat breakfast on Sundays.

Every Saturday -- Barbecue at Newport (ONP).  Every Saturday, you can drop into ONP for burgers on the grill at the FBO there.  What a great excuse to fly to the coast! Admire that gorgeous paving  job on the runway, too!
First Saturday of every month --  Breakfast at Stark's Twin Oaks (7S3)  -- fly in for a great breakfast of pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and grits, even!
Second Saturday of every month -- the Hood River WAAAM Museum Open House (4S2)  Fly or drive in for the open house at the WAAAM Museum at the Hood River airport. You won't believe the thousands of flying aircraft and gorgeously restored  vintage cars in those hangars!  On the Second Saturdays, the cars drive visitors around and some of the war birds even fly if the weather permits.  Now, they offer Wings Credit FAAST seminars, too!

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