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Local Chapters

Each chapter develops its own unique combination of activities, traditions, projects and schedules of events.


Local chapters take on the flavor of their membership and monitor local issues of importance. Meetings may be breakfasts, pot-luck dinners in hangars or dinner out at a restaurant. Guest Speakers are a common part of many chapter meetings. Some chapters have dues, others do not and instead have fundraising events to cover chapter expenses. Members need only have an interest in aviation to join and the rest is determined by the chapters themselves.

Not all OPA members are associated with a particular chapter. Those non-chapter affiliated members are called At Large Members.


At Large Membership still includes all the benefits of membership. Many At Large Members join in with the events at the nearest chapter or the annual State Convention. Whenever a group of At Large members start banding together on an issue or a project, sometimes a new chapter is formed. If you are part of one of these informal groups of At Large members, give chapter formation some thought.

You must be a member of the State OPA to be a member of a local chapter.

To find a chapter in your area, click here

For information on how local chapters are making a difference in their area, click here. Want some secrets on what makes a chapter successful, click here.


To find out what the regional chapters are doing click here.

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