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Other Activities

OPA holds an Annual Aviation Conference with seminars and guests speakers. Some of the past guest speakers included:  Rod Machado, John & Martha King, SR-71 pilot - Brian Shul, Controlled Airspace by Mary Schu, Aircraft Electrical Systems, Wilderness Survival, Companion Clinic, Aviation Weather by Clinton Rockey- NOAA, Bio-Fuel Av Gas - Swift Fuels, ADS-B, Aircraft Maintenance, Next Gen, Aviation Safety by David Cowan, & Eric Guevara and many more.

OPA sponsors seminars like the "National Aviation Safety Stand-down" and AOPA's "Rusty Pilots Seminar"


OPA conducts Quarterly and Annual Board Meetings. All OPA members are encouraged to attend. The minutes and the date, time and location of these meetings are posted in the PropWash.


Special events include flying events, safety programs and public service activities in cooperation with: Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association, The Oregon Food Bank, The Washington Pilots Association and the Oregon Department of Aviation.


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